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        Today is 2022-6-18, Welcome to the web Shanghai Lihong Packing Co. Ltd. Website: www.floridawebdesignseo.com

        Printing technical team with years of professional

        Quality is the life of an enterprise.

        Key recommendation: product presentation

        Lihong packaging

          Company profile Lihong Packing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, located in Shanghai Hongqiao District, adjacent to the National Exhibition Centre, factory building area of more than 15000 square meters, the company after 10 years of rapid development, has now become a mainly in the production of paper products, printing and packaging in large professional printing companies. The company's main products include high-grade color box, color cards, paper bags and exquisite handmade gift etc.. We have in Germany the most advanced Heidelberg HAIDELBERG printing machine and Roland printing machine 3 sets, while supporting the perfect digital prepress equipment and printing automatic processing equipment. For customers to provide quality products and satisfactory service to our tireless pursuit, so we continue to strive for excellence, innovation, at present our have more than 100 professional and technical work...
          Corporate environmental display
          • Printing machine
          • Printing machine
          • Roland four color printing machine
          • Production workshop
          Industry dynamics
          Common problem


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